Bahrain Metro System: A Professional Guide to the Future

Bahrain is planning to launch a driverless metro system, which will be a first for the country. The system is expected to be operational by 2023 and will cover a distance of 109 kilometers with 20 stations across the country. The metro system will be fully automated and will run on renewable energy. It is expected to reduce congestion on the roads and provide a safe, efficient and reliable mode of transportation for the people of Bahrain.

Exploring the Benefits – New Kuwait National Rail Road System

Kuwait extends the tender deadline for its National Rail Road project (KNRR) to July 11 from February 21. The 265km double-track line will connect Kuwait City to Muscat, featuring both regional (120 km/h) and high-speed (200 km/h) trains. Estimated at $2 billion, the rail is a GCC network initiative following the Al-Ula declaration. The first tender is worth $3.25 million.

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