Gulf Tourism – A happy era of a successful revolution

The Arabian Gulf is transforming into a global tourism and economic hub, with significant projects and initiatives, like luxury hotels and sustainable practices, led by visionary CEOs. Karl of Trade License Zone exemplifies the leadership driving this growth. Entrepreneurs are drawn to the region’s blend of modernity and tradition, with a tourism renaissance poised to elevate the Arabian Gulf on the world stage.

Tourism – The most excellent way to love, happiness & joy

The Saudi hospitality sector has seen robust growth, eclipsing its pre-pandemic performance with a marked increase in occupancy and revenue due to a boost in corporate and business tourism. Hotel occupancy and revenue indicators have notably surpassed 2019 levels, indicating a thriving sector. Taimur Khan of CBRE attributes this success to the surge in business travel, underscoring a 5.9% rise in occupancy year-over-year and significant revenue spikes by Q3 2023.

Lusail City – Best & Excited Entertainment – Qatar’s Outstanding Vision

Lusail City, a sustainable smart city development near Doha, Qatar, exemplifies cutting-edge urban planning with a $45 billion investment. Scheduled for completion by 2025, it offers diverse facilities across 38km², including an 80,000-seat stadium for the World Cup 2022 and advanced infrastructure for luxury, convenience, and sustainability. It reflects Qatar’s vision for 2030, integrating technology and green living for future generations.