Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Archives Major Milestone in NEOM Project

milestones in NEOM project

The NEOM project in Saudi Arabia is making headlines with significant milestones achieved, and for a good reason. This mega infrastructure development initiative is transforming the region and significantly impacting the world. With a massive investment exceeding $1 trillion, NEOM symbolises the Kingdom’s commitment to innovation and progress. However, the project is currently under construction and is posing to propel Saudi Arabia to new heights of economic prosperity and global leadership.

NEOM is a sustainable and futuristic city project in Saudi Arabia that spans 170 kilometres. Moreover, it includes distinct areas like coastal, coastal desert, mountain, and upper valley sections. The unique linear city concept features super-tall towers, high-rise mirrored towers, and a vertical city extending 170km called “The Line.”

The project utilizes advanced technology, digitalization, and intelligent construction methods, including foundation piling, tunnel excavation, and mountain basecamp development. The goal is to accommodate 9 million residents with facilities accessible within a five-minute walk and a high-speed rail system. The NEOM project’s Marina community will feature the world’s largest multi-faceted city harbour, making it an impressive feat of engineering and innovation.

NEOM is a $1 trillion project in Saudi Arabia with a 170km linear city and super-tall towers. Furthermore, POWERCHINA showcased advanced technology by completing the most prominent and bottomless test pile, while other contractors are involved in piling, blasting, and excavation works. The Line, a 170km vertical city, will accommodate 9 million residents with high-speed connectivity and easy access to facilities. Also, NEOM’s progress signifies Saudi Arabia’s commitment to innovation and progress for a more sustainable and advanced future.