Aramco General Engineering Services Plus (GES+) Contract Renewal


Aramco general engineering services contract renewal of Worley’s GES+ for an additional five years is a testament to a good relationship between the two companies. This demonstrates the quality and reliability of Worley’s services and their commitment to providing top-notch engineering solutions. Undoubtedly, Worley will continue to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results to Aramco in the future.

Worley has renewed its five-year GES+ contract with Aramco General Engineering Services to provide project management and engineering services. It includes various gas, oil, and energy infrastructure projects in Saudi Arabia. The company will prioritize local talent development and in-kingdom engineering capabilities. Also, Chris Ashton, Worley CEO, expressed his pleasure in continuing the long-term relationship with Aramco and expanding Worley.

Aramco and Worley’s contract renewal for five years with the potential for extension has announced in Year 1. The company has committed to deliver project management and engineering services to support Aramco’s capital programs in Saudi Arabia. In Year 2, Worley focused on developing local talent and in-kingdom engineering capabilities.

The company emphasized sustainability and aligned its work with Worley’s definition of sustainability-related work. Year 3 saw progress in building in-Kingdom capabilities, with Worley engaging in various projects across gas and oil. Moreover, Continued collaboration between Aramco and Worley in delivering successful projects was evident in Year 4, as Worley expanded its presence and expertise within Saudi Arabia. In Year 5, the contract’s performance was evaluated, emphasising demonstrating value creation over the contract’s duration. The potential for extension was also considered.

WorleyParsons’ involvement in Saudi Aramco’s Maintain Potential Programme (MPP) is a crucial feature of the project. Since 2003, WorleyParsons has been executing the MPP, delivering significant infrastructure, including platforms, pipelines, and well hook-ups.

The project involves 350 personnel, mainly engineers, working in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. WorleyParsons’ extension underscores its continued involvement in crucial maintenance work for Aramco’s offshore facilities. The overall impact of this project highlights the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality engineering solutions to its clients.