Hassan Allam Construction Awarded Contract for the UAE-Oman Railway Link

UAE-Oman Railway Link

Siemens Mobility has been awarded the Abu Dhabi-Sohar Design in partnership with Hassan Allam Construction. UAE-Oman Railway Link, a joint venture co-owned by the two countries, also signed the Build Railway Systems and Integration contract. The project aims to deliver the first-ever cross-country railway network in the Middle East and the Arab world. It connects the Emirati capital, Abu Dhabi in the UAE, to Sohar in Oman, covering a distance of 303km.

Siemens Mobility and Hassan Allam Construction will deliver the design, build and integration of the ETCS Level 2 signalling. The signalling solutions are state-of-the-art and desert-proof. It ensures the safe and seamless transportation of passengers and goods between the UAE and Oman.

The project is part of a vision to connect the different GCC nations through a Rail Network. It shall be fully integrated into the proposed Regional GCC railway network. The UAE-Oman Railway Link (Hafeet Rail) will connect the port of Sohar to Abu Dhabi, which connects all seven UAE Emirates up to the KSA’s border.

Andre Rodenbeck, CEO of Rail Infrastructure at Siemens Mobility, stated: “Siemens Mobility, as a global market leader and innovation driver with more than 150 years of signalling and railway automation technology, is proud to provide its latest intelligent technology solutions and continuously support UAE and Oman’s ambitions and vision.”

The project aims to ease cross-border trade and improve the efficiency of the supply chain system. It will also enhance commercial and social connectivity between the two countries. Furthermore, it will link industrial hubs between the two nations and improve the effectiveness of logistical services. Moreover, it will expand different industrial sectors, economic activity, and tourism.

Siemens Mobility’s Rail Infrastructure business unit is a global leader in intelligent mobility solutions. It transforms transportation through advanced signalling technology for mainline, mass transit, and freight railways. With a focus on reliability, flexibility, and safety, Siemens Mobility provides innovative urban and mainline rail systems solutions. It is also driving the transition to a digital railway and automation. Committed to digitalization, automation, and electrification, Siemens Mobility shapes the future of mobility, creating safer, greener, and more connected cities worldwide.


Awarding the Abu Dhabi-Sohar Design and Build Railway Systems and Integration contract to Siemens Mobility and Hassan Allam Construction is a significant milestone in the history of transportation in the Middle East and the Arab world. The project will contribute to both countries’ social and economic furtherment and be a ground-breaking project for the entire region, connecting different GCC nations through a Rail Network.

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